Accurate 2D and 3D reconstruction of width, shape, crop shear optimization, bar analytics on hot and cold metals.

Our vision system can be used to image the Head or Tail of the bar/strip while it is rolling down the line. The System uses a state-of-the-art line scan camera to image the width of the roller table. In the case of a hot bar/strip, the natural radiance of the bar/strip is adequate for imaging. Single lines can be “stacked” to produce a detailed images. Automatic exposure control in the software results in a very clear image that can be further processed in real-time, or archived for review/analysis at a later date.



Extremely effective flatness and planarity wave detection on cold flat products, on non reflective metals and other materials.

Laser systems are engineered to evaluate flatness defects on a metal and non metal strip, plate or flat product. Sensors can be moved on a surface about 2000x 2000mm. Inside the control cabinet is installed the controller for data acquisition and management and the display to provide the defects values as output. As defect is considered a variation of the strip flatness or a variation of the distance between the strip and the reference surface. Variation can be positive or negative. The variation in commonly called “wave”. The determination of the wave's shape is made considering both distance and position evaluated respectively using lasers and the encoders. When the wave shape is defined, the system provides the entity and the classification of the planarity defect using known mathematical formulas.


No Contact thickness measurement on hot and cold metals

Extremely fast, well beyond the requirements of most closed-loop mill control systems. Our systems are installed all over the world on rolling mill, process lines and finishing lines. Suitable for measuring the thickness of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, ceramics, and many other types of materials.


No Contact

Extremely accurate coating thickness measurement

Our coating measurement system can measure continuously and online during process different nature of coatings: zinc zinc and iron zinc and aluminium. Using back-scattering, as for the overall thickness, our coating gauges can be controlled by a PC or a PLC, using pure digital signals from and to sensors. Due to the low level of signal in this kind of equipment, we do use only HDX and HGX digital sensors, to guarantee a very high precision and a consistency of the measure.


Width gauges for hot metals

The Vision System can be used to create important, accurate 2-D images of the bar/strip. The system can be used at the exit of the caster, or anywhere on a hot mill, cold mill, or process line.

NDT Welding Inspection

Welding inspection WeldAn and WISE system

Automatically check-out and validate the welding process on the spot, to avoid breakage on the subsequent process. No other systems can do that.Systems like PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) or Magnetic, or visual can identify a surface defect, but not an inner defect. WISE is the innovative Welding Inspection Solution Equipment with a lot of possibilities.

Save your time and work in safety conditions, at any time.Our welding inspection systems can be incorporated on existing automatic coil joiners, to provide a validity check of the welding directly after the welding process. It will minimize troubles due to non conformity of the process. WeldAn is a X-ray analyzer for recognize defect on welding for steel strip The system is based on a micro-focus X-ray source and a high speed Time-Delay-Integration (TDI) camera and give real-time analysis on weld during strip forming process.