Online and no contact thickness measurement

Our thickness measurement systems and control are widely used all around the world to inspect and control the final product's quality. A full range of solution, exceeding Customer's expectations.

 We have available a full range of solutions, different sizes and architecture, to satisfy a large variety of Customer's requests. The Perfecta Gauge is the “original” PLC-based thickness Gauge System. From the first installation in the late 90s, Perfecta customers have enjoyed the benefits delivered by the high reliability of the PLC. This system can be built from Allen Bradley, General Electric, Siemens, or Modicon PLCs (others available also). All critical gauge functions run through the PLC. A PC is usually included to act as the HMI device, but if the PC locks up for any reason, the gauge continues to function. Low cost of ownership is achieved due to the fact that many of the gauge components are off-the-shelf. Perfecta Gauges are installed all over the world in rolling mill applications. The most modern nGauge system,  was born from an industry request to create an high-speed, non-contact gauge system, based on off-the-shelf industrial PAC (Perfect Automation Controller) technology. From the first installation the nGauge has exceeded customer’s expectations. The system maximizes the use of top quality, off-the-shelf components, including a robust industrial PAC, industry 4.0 ready. The gauge software was specifically developed by our engineers to take advantage of high speed processors available in today’s industrial PCs. The resultant gauge system is extremely fast, well beyond the requirements of most closed-loop mill control systems. nGauge systems are installed all over the world on rolling mills and process lines. This gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, ceramics, and many other types of materials. Additionally, we have other 2 architectures available, PC based (D3Model) and PIC based(Smart2Gauge).

Our thickness measurement systems represent the state-of-the-art for the no contact online gauging on steel and aluminium

  • Full digital in architecture and sensors
    Modern, proven and reliable hardware
    Ideal as input for AGC systems
    Deterministic hard real time kernels
    Multiplatforms and user friendly HMI and SCADA

Our systems are widely used in the following process and finishing lines, world-wide:

  • Plate Mills and Casting Lines
    Hot Rolling
    Hot Strip Mills
    Cold Rolling
    Tandem Mills
    Reversing Mills
    Foil Mills
    Metal Ribbon
    Aluminium Foil
    Process and Finishing Lines
    Cut to Length
    Electrolytic Tinning Line
    Recoiling Lines
    Special Units , Laboratory Devices