NDT Welding Inspection

Welding inspection WeldAn and WISE system

Automatically check-out and validate the welding process on the spot, to avoid breakage on the subsequent process. No other systems can do that.Systems like PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) or Magnetic, or visual can identify a surface defect, but not an inner defect. WISE is the innovative Welding Inspection Solution Equipment with a lot of possibilities.

Save your time and work in safety conditions, at any time.Our welding inspection systems can be incorporated on existing automatic coil joiners, to provide a validity check of the welding directly after the welding process. It will minimize troubles due to non conformity of the process. WeldAn is a X-ray analyzer for recognize defect on welding for steel strip The system is based on a micro-focus X-ray source and a high speed Time-Delay-Integration (TDI) camera and give real-time analysis on weld during strip forming process.

WeldAn is an online welding analyzer for metals which is capable to recognize defect on welding on flat products, such as strip, slab or plates and on pipes with a small diameter.

WeldAn can:

  • Identify inner defects
    Just like poor quantity of welding material . No other systems can do that. Systems like PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) or Magnetic, or visual can identify a surface defect, but not an inner defect.
  • Identify lack of material
  • Identify asymmetrical welding
  • Identify local density variations
  • Minimize strip breakages
    A weak welding is a potential source of troubles, not only for the quality of the final products, but for the process itself. Strip breakages, for example, are a big issue for operator's safety and the 75% of strip breakages, on pickling lines, just to mention, are caused by a weak welding.

Defects in welding process are very small and require a magnification to enlarge the vision for data analysis, using a standard X-Ray source the contours of elements appear blur and the recognition is difficult,
Using a microfocus source with a very small spot size we can obtain best image resolution and defects magnification

WeldAn can measure some parameter on welding bead as:

  • Bead Height
    Bead Width
    Bead Ratio
    Hole Detection

Other than welding bead measurements the system give an overall quality and hole detection near the welding bead (e.g. Malformed edge, hole in the strip, occlusions).

Data Analisys

The real-time images captured from TDI camera are submitted to a high-performances data analysis processor that’s use image processing and shape recognition algorithms to measure the bead of the weld and the presence of defect : GOOD / NO GOOD. Finally, the results are showed to operator that can immediately check if the welding system is working properly

All measure can given to the plant automation using scaled analog output, threshold digital output and via fieldbus protocol. For best accuracy the system can receive line setup from Plant automation/PLC/upper level (line speed, pipe diameter, material thickness etc) through filed bus protocol or setting up manually by operator. The system can works also in full automatic mode without any settings, in this case the precision of recognized shape of hole and defect can be lower than target. The analysis of the weld can be performed on head forward movements (during welding) or on backward movements (when the beam head go to stand-by position) this mode is preferred for thick material where an accurate analysis require a lower speed travelling.

  • Overall performances
    Welding analysis up to 10 mt/m
    Automatic strip thickness adjustments (0.1 – 6 mm)
    Welding shape measurements with 50 um of resolution
    Hole detection >100 um