Crop Optimization

Crop shear control can be used to create  accurate 2-D images of the head and tail of hot metal plates or slabs. Crop Optimization Software uses the Head/Tail image from the Vision System, and inputs from the Mill, to generate the optimum position for shearing the Head or Tail. Mill inputs include a combination of parameters from Level 2 and Mill Operator’s (if desired). This information can then be provided to a Shear 
Control System (SCS) for operating the Shear. A screenshot of the Operator’s Screen from the Crop Optimization application is shown below.
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Bar Analytics

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The Vision System can be used to create important, accurate 2-D images of the bar/strip.  Vision System can be ported to the Analytics System, which includes mass storage, database query functions, and zooming
features. Data from the Analytics System can also be exported to programs such as Excel. Bar anomalies can be data can be viewed in detail to make adjustments to the mill for improving overall quality.
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Shear Control

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PLC-based Shear Control System (SCS) that can replace many obsolete systems.  In most cases, all of the existing digital and analog I/O can be reused. When combined with other vision system and crop optimization Software, a significant increase in Yield can be achieved in a very short time.