Crop Optimization

Crop shear control can be used to create  accurate 2-D images of the head and tail of hot metal plates or slabs. Crop Optimization Software uses the Head/Tail image from the Vision System, and inputs from the Mill, to generate the optimum position for shearing the Head or Tail. Mill inputs include a combination of parameters from Level 2 and Mill Operator’s (if desired). This information can then be provided to a Shear 
Control System (SCS) for operating the Shear. A screenshot of the Operator’s Screen from the Crop Optimization application is shown below.
The “optimized  cut lines” are illustrated by the black lines bisecting the Head and Tail images. Various setup and cut-criteria parameters are shown to the right of the images.The system can be used at the exit of the caster, or anywhere on a hot mill, cold mill, or process line as extremely reliable feedback to the crop shear.


Feedback from the Shear Control System can be used by the Vision System to compare the ideal, optimum cut point with the actual cut point as reported by  the Shear. These values can be used to calculate the ideal weight of the Cropped Head or Tail and the actual weight. All of the calculations can be organized  and displayed on Crop Loss Report.