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We are a small and relatively young engineering  Company which delivers integrated solutions for process quality optimization and process monitoring and control. Our solutions are applied in order to monitor and control a single process variable as well as multiple variables togheter. At its full potential, the process can make as much product as possible with a minimum of waste in terms of time, effort and money. We are developer and supplier of online and real-time data acquisition systems for the steel and aluminium, for process and finishing lines. We offer integrated solutions, we don't only deliver "a standalone system". Our goal is to collect meaningful information about the process in order to provide an effective process optimization goal before, during and after the process itself. We offer highly qualified technical advice, replacement of spare for obsolete or no more available parts to let the process operate at its full potential.

Founded in Genoa in 1996 by a group of professionals with a steel making activities and maintenance background, has grown steadily over the years providing high quality standards, modern, reliable and up-to-date solutions. Well established in national and international markets, using the latest technology and best in class equipment,  provides different types of ready-to-go solutions covering a big part of applications in the steel, metals, ceramics industries. Our solutions are digital, linear, easy to access and maintain and user friendly. Since the inception, our mission was not to deliver complicate systems for specialists only, but to provide integrated solutions to maximize the goal of improving the process potential with the minimum possible waste and maintenance. For any challenge, each goal is different to another, as any process has its own peculiarity. After 20+ years of unbroken support to our Customers, we collected a full range of useful experiences and we can definitely help our Customers to find the suitable solution,  accepting together a large variety of technical challenges. We are mostly a small sized and effective technical group, we are not good in big advertising or to impress by size or numbers. We are proud to impress for the technological level of our solutions, in which we are second to none. Please, feel free to inspect our solutions, compare them with other products on the market. With our network of solid and long term partnerships with Leaders in their respective fields, we are today able to be a reliable and solid technical partner at Your side.